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Betfair com old site

betfair com old site

If this proved to be the case would it not make more sense to make the Old site and standard,and give people the option of switching to the. Did Betfair get rid of its old site & leave us now with only the markedly inferior new one? Anybody got a link to the old one? AM - 13 Jul. I thought Betfair had completely killed it off, but no I found it again! Next US president: Old exchange (no sportsbook).

Betfair com old site - legal

But they do their best to make old site as awful as new one. Why do they get best service? We can add capacity to the new platform as needed, so we can offer a faster, more stable Exchange to all our customers. To be honest, I've given up reverting to old site. On the new site just get a swirling circle and the race had fini. I suspect that Betfair 's Technical Support would not be keen to help customers evade their bosses' latest effort to move all non-Australian customers to the inferior New exchange site. More options become available when you are logged in. By migrating customers onto the new site we can improve the stability of the Exchange, and incorporate your feedback into the ongoing development of the site. It seems that the 'Gurus' on this forum prefer to delete posts without cause, expose themselves as idiots unaware that Betfair markets can go over-broke despite 5 years experience 3 liga polen mindlessly insist that eliminated selections must be included in dutching calculations regardless of user preference amendments to the current Betfair com old site version later allowed selections to be excluded as with previous versions. This workaround was being PMed on request. I very rarely complain preferring to try and work a site. Good luck Betfair Im sure I am not the only one whom you are seeing reduced commission from!!!!!! In no way is it customer friendly. Takes me 6 times as long to do or find . betfair com old site


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